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Dec 2, 2012 11:00pm EST
, china. inside, his hotels are fantasy lands for well-heeled adults. he brought gourmet restaurants and high-end shopping to the strip. his hotels may be extravagant, but his business strategy is conservative. his company is not highly leveraged and has over $1 billion in cash to help ride out the recession. i want to understand a bit about the casino business. >> so do i. [laughter] [babbles] >> the only way to win in a casino... >> is to own one. >> own one. >> unless you're very lucky. >> and, he says, even when people are lucky, they usually gamble away their winnings. you have never known, in your entire life, a gambler who comes here and wins big and quits. >> walks away. never. >> you know nobody, hardly, that, over the stretch of time, is ahead? >> nope. >> the customer's loss is steve wynn's gain. he's a billionaire. but he isn't all that interested in gambling. his passion is creating the resorts. >> are you satisfied with the way the light is hitting our flowers? >> he works closely with his design team and signs off on nearly every detail. >> i love this restaurant, roger. >
Dec 30, 2012 11:00pm EST
your jobs and we send them to hungary, poland, if not china. >> so there should be huge political support then to change it. >> um, there is not a huge political support to change it. >> why not? >> because it's seen as a sort of entitlement now. >> people see it as their right. >> exactly. >> "i'm only gonna work 35 hours a week and that's it." >> exactly. >> no, no, no! >> so no french politician would even dare to suggest fundamental reform, like trimming that guaranteed five weeks of vacation. and american melchior ray has been won over. she's talked herself into the idea that the french way of working, rather, not working, translates into good economic sense. >> people came back, and it was like everyone had had ten shots of espresso. they were just ready to go. they were like ever ready bunnies. everyone was going tog
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2